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Fuel the fire, the fire is your life force.

Keep it alive, at all costs. If the fire is extinguished, you will perish as well.

Find and kill enemies in order to feed their souls to the dying flame. 
The more enemies you kill, the longer you can survive, and the greater your score. Enemies will come from all directions, but it is your job to seek them out and release their soul, as the fire is quickly dimming.


  • WASD (or ARROW KEYS)  to move around
  • SPACE to jump (twice to double jump)
  • K (or X) to strike (direction can be controlled with up/down or W/S)
  • Hold ESCAPE to exit the game
  • ENTER to skip the initial tutorial

Features an online leaderboard to compete amongst others. Feedback is much appreciated.

We have opted out of the audio category, despite having the made the music ourselves, some of the sound effects were not made during the 72 hours of the name. We have also opted out of the humor category (for obvious reasons).

We will most likely upload a post-jam build, but it will be labeled as such and be separate from the jam version. Please use the *jam version* to make your vote, as it is only fair. Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoy our project!


Windows Build 92 MB
Linux Build 101 MB

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